In PE class I was learning about contraceptives and how to prevent pregnancy and out of all the methods, only two were for guys. It turns out neither condoms or sealing off your reproductive organs are unique to guys. All the pills, IUD’s and whatnot WERE to girls though. I asked why, and everyone just kind of laughed. The teacher answered with something along the lines of “it’s the girls responsibility because she has to deal with the consequences no matter what, whereas the guy can possibly ditch”. I’m paraphrasing heavily here because it was a while ago. I guess I just found it weird why the guys couldn’t just use the condom. I mean, it works so why would you look to these alternative methods as anything OTHER than extra insurance, because condoms also prevent sexually transmitted diseases and infections . I was later looking at internet videos (as one does) and I came across a video by College Humor about the subject. And then looked at many other videos. The general consensus was Women have to take responsibility because men don’t like the feeling of the condom, and in case they got raped. Because it’s the women’s responsibility. It feels f’ed up that women should have to worry about being impregnated with rape babies. First a guy violates her autonomy and to add insult to injury he probably didn’t use a condom so guess what? You have to deal with the mess! Sorry, this is ramble-y but it pisses me off.