My friend and I were cycling home from the cinema around midnight tonight. As we came round a corner there were two older men standing in the middle of the road talking. I almost hit them because they were wearing dark clothing and I couldn’t see them, so as I cycled past I muttered ‘get out of the road please’.
As we cycled on a van was reversing to park and a taxi waiting in front of us meant we had to stop and wait too. From a few metres down the road the two men proceeded to yell abuse at us:
‘You don’t pay road tax, you don’t own the road’, ‘fuck off you ignorant fucking cunts’, ‘you’re lucky you’re a woman or I’d seriously fuck you up’, ‘stupid bitch’…and so on.
My friend and I were stuck there for 2 minutes with no way to leave, having abuse hurled at us. I am both furious at them, and angry at myself for being so intimidated. I’m glad they didn’t move closer and make good on their threats, but at the same time I’m mad I never got a good look at them so there’s no point in me reporting their threatening behaviour. It makes me so angry that men like this get away with this behaviour with no consequence and there is nothing I can do! I hate feeling like a victim!! 🙁