I work in a school and a small group of us use the gym to play badminton after work. One of the women who plays with us always protests when we happen to have 2 girls vs 2 boys in our doubles games because She says it isn’t fair! It drives me nuts because the rest of us (including the men) all agree gender has nothing to do with our playing ability! (Height might but some of the guys are my height and this woman happens to be taller than me).

On the subject of working in a school…We have 146 staff at the moment. Of that number only about 20 are men; 2 site maintenance team, 1 IT guy, 2 senior management (head of secondary and behavioural support manager), 5 teachers, and the rest are TAs. It is hard to consider it a coincidence that in this chronically underpaid (care associated) field, only roughly 1/7th of our staff are male, and of that percentage 50% are in higher paid positions or in non-care-related positions. :/