My lesbian friend and I were gonna travel Europe this summer. We were on our way to catch a midnight train to Lisbon from Porto. We were drinking wine before departing feeling a bit tipsy and we were slightly short on time. On the way there about 10 minutes away from the train station I said something like if we miss the train we could catch the next one in the morning. My friend got upset and wanted to pick a fight. Dropped her bag and pushed me 3 times, i had to take steps steps back. First I thought she was joking but she didn’t break eye contact and I was shocked to see she really wants to fight. I told her we should try to catch the train and we don’t have too much time. She was disappointed that she can not make an effect on me as I started to walk towards the train station and she caught up and pushed me up against a wall and punched me in my face. She hit my neck – somewhere below my ears and my face, and it was so intense i heard my spine crack for a moment. I was shocked that this happened as she was walking away from me. She said I should stop pretending it hurts. I tried to walk in the opposite direction to get away and get some distance and I realised I was still carrying some of her stuff in my bag, she was walking back as she realized the same thing. I was angry and upset and a bit scared so I took her handbag out of my bag and threw it from the distance. I walked away and set down to contemplate what happened. I missed my train and stayed in town. She sent me a half assed apology via text which was basically saying that It was my fault as I was annoying her with my behaviour as I was trying to get unsuccessfully get laid. I just enjoyed talking to a lot of people at the hostel, and she’s in a relationship. Her girlfriend was in Budapest at this time with a girl she hates. Until the moment she started to pushing me she haven’t mentioned being upset so it’s upsetting to realise she thought she needs to be violent with me just to make a point. I am a guy and I would never hit a woman or a friend of mine. If your friend is annoying first you tell them, then you repeat. Repeat as many times as you have to, but trying to knock them out right before a midnight train abroad?