My 14 year old daughter has been the subject of bullying for years. Recently it has become sexual in nature. First a group of boys in her year group were coming to the house, one of them telling me he was her boyfriend and to tell her he had visited. They made kissing noises at her in school, then they started asking her personal questions like “are you on your period?” In the last few weeks of Summer term they started to touch her bottom in the corridors. Horrified my daughter went to school reception and asked to talk to a teacher saying she had been sexually assaulted by a boy. The receptionist told her everyone was busy and she should go to her lesson. The receptionist never passed the information on to anyone else. She is now being approached in the street, with them making disgusting comments about her step-dad. I have told the police and complained to the school. I have no confidence in either to take it seriously. I think they hoping it will all just go away. A 14yr old girl was raped recently in the town where my daughter’s dad lives. Near a train station. My daughter takes the train regularly. Perhaps they are waiting until she is attacked or even raped before they do anything. I can’t keep her in the house all Summer like a prisoner. I don’t know what to do to keep her safe and when she goes back to school will she have to continue walking around the corridor with her back facing the walls?