Across my time in secondary school, I’ve been faced with countless unwanted sexual passes. The most memorable of these was when I was still 15, two boys (aged around 12/13) walked past me while I was walking to my lesson saying that they wanted to have sex with me (Even though both of us were under the age of consent). As time went on I just seemed to get used to these sort of things, I just thought it was part of being a girl. When I was lining up with the rest of my year group for a mock exam, one boy (surrounded by his friends) publicly asked me to have sex with him. It was so humiliating and when I told my Mum about it she simply stated that “he was probably just hormonal” and to let it be.

Similarly, when I was around 17 I had an old man drive up for me and ask me if I wanted a lift home. I didn’t know this man and instantly refused without even thinking properly because I was scared. Now I don’t know his motives: whether he was being friendly or if he had sinister intentions but this event has actually terrified me. Before I finished college I would walk home and try my hardest to avoid anyone on the route. Even though I’m 18, I’m really scared to leave my house alone in case something like this – or even worse – were to happen to me.