After a long night of partying, I took a cab with a friend who insisted on taking me home. As soon as we arrived at my student house, he kept touching me, although I had told him I just wanted to be friends and nothing more (especially after the manipulative relationship I had been in before). When I told him it was time to leave my house, he forced himself on me and kissed me roughly. I froze, not knowing what to do. When he was done he told me that he believed “a kiss could change anything” and that “he just wanted to have the ‘university experience’ with someone”. I immediately told him this was not okay, how uncomfortable it had made me feel and asked him to leave, which he luckily did. The next day my housemate helped me compose a message to him, telling him that “no means no” and that the way he took advantage of me the night before really wasn’t okay. He replied, telling me that it wasn’t his fault, that I should have been more clear, although I literally told him on numerous occasions that I wanted to be friends and nothing more. I never replied to him again, and started avoiding him at university. Luckily he has graduated this year so I won’t be confronted with him ever again.

Another case of sexism I have “encountered”, was in my Cinematography class. My coursemate and I were early for class and waited around in an empty room. A few minutes later some random guy turned up and eyed me from head to toe. He asked what class we were in. After telling him we were in Cinematography he started laughing at me and snorted “YOU’re a cinematographer? But you’re just a little girl. You can’t even lift a camera.” and left before I could say anything. It was so strange, and mostly infuriating.