Middle Schooler

I was in the eighth grade when my taste in clothing started to change, I was confident and had no problem dressing to flatter my curvier figure. Girls I was close with would constantly say things like, “You look really good, very va-va-voom” and “I wish I had a big ass like you”. It made me embarrassed, but they were compliments.

Until my friends started to tell me that “I dressed like a whore.”

They would say things like, “Pull up your shirt, everyone can see down it” (I am very short and even a normal neckline would show more on me than my taller counterparts) or “You know everyone stares at your ass right?”

I didn’t let it bother me and continued dressing in a way that made me feel confident. Until on my birthday I was wearing a new dress that I loved, but was slightly bodycon. I was walking with my friend to class when out of my peripheral vision I saw a large group of boys, my crush among them, blatently staring at my butt, my friend even said, “You know they’re staring at you right?” During the only class I had with my crush, we stood up for an activity and he shuffled by me, his front against my back and I felt his hand graze my butt. I thought it was an accident until he kept looking at my behind during the activity. It made me feel so uncomfortable and made me think that everyone saw me as just breasts and ass.

This happened to me on my 14th birthday.