Why are many women’s clothes so impractical and designed to be sexy instead of comfortable even in workwear? I was looking for a new shirt to wear at work the other day, so many low necklines that would show my bra if I leaned over so I would have to awkwardly hold the neckline of my shirt together with the other hand if I had to pick something off the floor, see-through fabrics that I’d have to wear another top underneath which is hot and uncomfortable,clinging fabrics,blouses and shirts with odd cut-out areas, jeans designed to “enhance” your bum instead of being comfortable casual clothing, tops and jumpers that are too short and useless for keeping warm, and my pet hate FAKE POCKETS! Seriously what is wrong with adding some pockets I can actually keep useful things in? Not to mention bras that have almost no support but so much padding they’d probably double as body armour. It is so difficult to find a bra that is both supportive and not so heavily padded it feels like there’s a sofa stuffed down my shirt! And don’t get me started on shoes, are they designed by people who hate us all and want to torture us?