I work at a financial services trade organization in Washington, DC. I do excellent analysis, and am also shouldered with 90% of the administrative work in our section. I work upwards of 60 hours a week, performing multiple duties for individuals across the organization. Recently, I asked for a raise, and was told that I was being “demanding.” I have been patted on the head in meetings and have been regularly humiliated on the job (other people get credit for my work, I regularly fulfill a secretary role and plan meetings, etc).

I got the raise – but it was about 13k less than both me and my boss were expecting. Additionally, I got zero back pay, after being promised backpay several times. One person decided my pay, and refuses to give an explanation as to why I’m being paid what I am. Meanwhile, the male analyst is getting paid substantially more, and is being promised his own position and six figures when he passes the bar. I have not gone to law school, but we have the same title, and I do substantially more work in nearly every section of the organization.

I have to leave for my own sanity. My boss doesn’t understand why this is unjust, and neither does anyone else at the organization. I found a subject I love, but am being essentially forced to leave because I’m a woman.