At a party with friends, I overheard a guy asking his friend “You got her [messed] up dude?” referring to his friend’s date. I took it to mean he was encouraging his friend to take advantage of her. I asked a house member to check on the situation. The guy encouraging his friend later came and sat down next to me and asked me small talk questions, to which I responded with curt answers. Despite my clear disinterest, he put his hand on my waist and remained inside my personal space bubble. He began to ramble about how my major is a very noble thing to study and how men should treat women better. I eventually moved locations.

I wish I’d responded by saying that if he really believed in respecting women, he would not have encouraged his friend to take advantage of someone, he would not invade my personal space, and he would not think I was stupid enough to fall for his incoherent expression of feminism, when his actions did not support it at all.

As he left, he patted me on the shoulder with a defeated look on his face, as if to make me feel bad for not accepting his advances. Someone should teach him he is not entitled to any woman’s body.