I’m 15, I was 14 when I was raped by my 16 nearly 17 year old boyfriend. I said no and he got mad and I got so scared I let him do whatever he wanted to me until I got a pregnancy scare (I was not pregnant just a scare) but he told me he wanted a hug only to squeeze me until I cried in pain. He wanted me to misscarry. If I tell people he pressured me it’s overlooked.

I walked down the road with my friend only to have a boy cross from the other side of the road to my side to look at my bum and then walk back to his friends.

I was told I was “fit” by the same person so many times until he found out I was a feminist and suddenly I was ugly.

My friends have been told they’re not allowed belly tops or any tops that show the slightest bit of skin on non school uniform days only to watch boys sunbathe with their tops off.

I was eyed up by a 40 year old looking man when in subway

When I was 13 a group of lads around mid twenties cat called me until I was out of their line of sight.

There are so many more incidents but it would take months to write them all down