I was watching Nadiya (Hussain, who won Bake Off a few years ago)’s Great British Food Adventure just now, & alas came across a bit of casual sexism. Nadiya was making a curry, & was doing a super-speedy version. She commented to the effect of how when she cooks this dish at home, she usually does enough for more than one meal. Fair enough, you might think. It was what she said next was where the sexism started. She said something to the effect of how she usually makes the paste & leaves it for when she can trust her husband to cook, on the grounds that not eve he can mess that up. WTF?! Just because he has a penis, it doesn’t mean he can’t cook, & will screw up any dish he DOES try & cook! And cooking isn’t strictly the preserve of women either! Blimey O’Reilly! And this was broadcast on the BBC in 2017, if you please.