This is just a case of normalised everyday sexism. I have suffered far worse over the years, but I feel it’s important to recognise ‘little’ sexisms, because they are a portal into deeper forms of sexism. The ‘offence’ occurred in a Canberra Cafe named ‘Grease Monkey’, where my son (28 y.o.) and I (55 y.o.) went for lunch. We were standing together, back a little from the counter when the male bartender looked past me to my son (for the order placement). I ignored that & stepped up to the counter because it was my shout and placed the order. He took it from me, but looked again to my son for payment. I was taken aback because it was in a metropolitan city and in 2017! At this point I cheekily said to the bartender, “I’ll be paying because I’m a grown-up and even earn my own money!” I smiled (well, maybe a slight grimace) and left the bar counter.