Sexist YouTube

I’ve posted here before about how sexist you tube has become but until this week I always thought it was down to carelessness, lack of censorship of female abuse whilst protecting male modesty, etc, now I really think it’s deliberate as I’ve seen three videos this week on the front page of you tube which are anti feminist, “feminist fails”, “take down a feminist” and now today “how to troll a feminist”
Why is this on the front page when I’ve never searched for feminist on you tube? Is it so popular with males that this stuff heads to the top by some sort of algorithm? Or is it deliberate? Why is it not blocked when anything anti male would be?
I’ve never seen a word of male fails even or macho culture criticism on you tube in ten years.
It’s so depressing, I’m only looking at musical theatre and kittens and I have to navigate past this crap.
Everyday I’m reminded that a lot of men want to treat women as inferior and will stick up for the right to do so. And I’m not even looking for a fight, i couldn’t be more keen to keep out of the way of trouble but it’s everywhere.