When I was in 6th grade I joined the flag football team at school (I’m in 8th grade right now). My other female friend was going to join with me but for some reason couldn’t. So I was the only girl on the team. When my coaches (2 guys) saw that I had signed up, they tried to talk me out of it. Of course they couldn’t be like, Hey get off the team! so they just said Are you sure? You sure? But the feminist in me decided not to back down to prove a point that girls can too. I became the first girl ever to join the team. When I went to the first practice I was really nervous obviously. We were doing warm ups and just throwing the ball back and forth with a partner. Luckily one of my only guy friends was on the team so we just threw the ball together. My coaches were walking around looking and judging everyone. When they walked over to us I knew I couldn’t mess up so I caught it and this is what one of them had to say: You throw pretty good… for a girl. When we ran laps apparently to him I run fast… for a girl. My heart was crushed. This was what I was scared of. This guy was my P.E. coach and he has been since 1st grade (My elementary school went from pre k 3 to 6th grade and only 6th grade was on the team). Then the end of practice came and I just had to tell my dad that it was fine because he doesn’t like feminism and he thinks it’s a myth. He’s also a classic southern white guy btw I’m from Florida. I knew I’d have to see him again for P.E. the next day. I told my friends and they were just as mad as me and we all shared our stories together in the big stall of the bathroom during lunch. I didn’t want to go to practice ever again and the next day when I had practice I was freaking out. I had a panic attack in the bathroom during math and my teacher came in to see if I was fine. I told her the whole story and she was so nice and she told me how brave I was to be the only girl on the team. She inspired me that day and she will always be my favorite teacher. I went onto the team that day and never looked back and 2 months later we won the championship. I know that no one will probably read this and I just spent 30 minutes writing this when I’m supposed to be doing homework haha. But I hope that someone out there that read this will have the courage to do that one thing even though it’s male dominated. Don’t stop dreaming.