I don’t even know where to begin. I have SO many stories to tell at least one for every day of my 25 life since I was 5. From groping, to cat calls, to being spiked with drugs, to being stalked and followed home. All of these things happening a lot more than once. It gets so bad that I don’t even leave my house sometimes.
Living in London, it was a nice day and I wanted to check out Hyde Park by myself. As soon as I left my front door there was a guy asking for my number, telling me how sexy I was. I said thank you but no, he continued to follow me until I got on the train. On the train I had 5 guys sit next to me and try chat me up, hassling me for my number, not taking no for an answer. On my walk from the station to the park I was approached 8 times by different men not wanting to take no for an answer. I was so annoyed and fed up all I wanted to do was enjoy the day not use up all of my energy telling men no, Im not interested. It didnt stop there. At the park I sat down by myself and 4 more guys approached me. By this point I was so fed up I went home. I didnt even get to enjoy my day out. This is just one day. It happens to me everyday of my life.
It can be quite scary as men have gotten extremely aggressive when I havent expressed the same interest back. And to me what is sad is I didnt realise this was an issue, I thought it was normal and it was ok. I wasnt taught any differently. But now I know and see that is a serious issue that has altered and effected my life in a negative way.