So I just started grade 11 and I am a strong independent, Hindu, Canadian girl. Three years ago, right at the beginning of grade 8, I went to an elementary school that I had been attending since I was four. I had known most of the kids there my whole life. This made the school mostly comfortable for me.

I walked into my classroom on the first day of that year and was assigned a seat at a table group with my three best friends and two boys I had known for years but we didn’t really get along. I have no idea why but, for the rest of that year, from that day forward, boy A decided to harass me and pretend to ask me out every day, (mind you, he had a girlfriend) while boy B would support him and get everyone around us to laugh. They would talk about my figure which was different than most other girls as I had developed earlier or touch me, or try to hug me. sometimes, they would call me different pet names too, like “babe”.

Every time I told them to stop, they would laugh, tell me to learn how to take a joke or to just shut up. The worst part? I listened and laughed or went along, and because I did my friends did too. Because of how I was raised, I was always told to not cause trouble, and never mention anything like this because it could hurt the honour of the families for both boys. (I still don’t get how that works) I still tried to tell other girls, maybe get some help but we all came from similar backgrounds and they told me the same things. I even told a teacher who told me to forget and move on.

So now, both boys attend the same high school as me and show up in some of my classes once in a while. If I’m not able to avoid them, they like to start up again but I try to stand up as best as I can.