Wanted some stocking fillers so looked up “decorative tin”

Surprising amount of sexism there, including “beware of the wife”, “women no shirt equals free drinks” and several women’s bare, bent over arses in my face. Plus some impossible breast physics (trust me I have big boobs I know how they move when you bend over)

Male equivalents? None.
I get that some people have a vulgar and sexual sense of humour, I don’t get why it’s always women in view, not men. Would have been totally ok if some of the bare arses bent over for the viewers pleasure had beeen male, but they never are. It just reminds you that even when you are in the market to buy, you’re really the commodity.

And that’s just decorative tins. Would have been nice to get away from sexism for one day whilst just buying stocking fillers. Must be lovely not to have to deal with this stuff. Maybe I’m senstitive but when you’ve been groped and leered at more than a few times, being forced to view big boobed women bending over in your face is never neutral.
Suspect most men would feel differently about themselves and the world if they were forced to view erect penises when shopping for their Xmas presents.