From the Vice President

The Vice President (male) of the company I worked for thought it was funny to show me (female) the business card of a prostitute, complete with a naked picture of herself. He was amused that the prostitute took credit cards, and wondered if she “swiped the card in her ass”. When I spoke out to the President (male) I was told to deal with it myself, and “talk to him” to “make him understand how I felt”. I made me very uncomfortable to be put in the position of having to correct a superior, after having just been the victim of harassment by that same superior. His response….it isn;t harassment if he didn;t intend it to be, if his intentions was just to make a joke then it’s ok to do it. The President took no further action and just swept it under the rug. The VP went on to continue to make sexist “jokes” to me and other female staff until he retired.