One reason why I am uncomfortable with social networks is what seems to me a marked inequality of response. Whenever female contacts post an article, whether scholarly or political, the response is close to zero. Male contacts, on the other hand, are far more likely to succeed with this and even spark a debate. Bottom line: the average female academic, no matter how critical her mind, is not recognized as an intellectual. Her stuff will simply not be read. Many of us, therefore, rarely post something that would fit the above content. How do you feel about this, ladies? Is my judgment too harsh? Is it all down to facebook algorhythms? Or is it merely due to the fact that many facebook contacts would not want to be seen in public liking your content for other than intellectual reasons (such as, what would this person’s partner think if I like her content)? I any case, I find this to be upsetting. Many of my female contacts have taken to post merely personal, not intellectual, content, although we’re all academics and could definitely do better. Counter-strategies, anyone?