I work for a multi-national company that prides itself on its diversity.

I work in a team of 7 men and 5 women.
On Monday we were in a team meeting when one of the men mentioned that the previous Friday they had played footgolf together and it transpired that it was just the men, none of the women had been invited. We asked why we had been excluded and our (male) manager told us that we wouldn’t have been any good at it, so he hadn’t invited us, it was just a men’s thing, if we women wanted to do something together we could go to dish-washing sessions or something similar… One woman asked him if he had ever seen women’s football, to which he replied that women were no good at football, if you took the best female player and she played against him he would be better, it’s just a fact that men are better at football than women. The meeting did get rather heated after that but he kept denying that he was sexist. He is still denying it, in fact later he told me that men are better at some things, women are better at others – men are better at football, women are better at ice-skating.

I started work in 1979, it’s now 2017, and sometimes it feels like nothing has changed.

We are looking for a female footballer who will be willing to come and humiliate him.