Firstly, i am the adult of tge child abused, experiencing rape at 17..
Domestic violence X 2..

I have experienced sexual assault during an intimate examination, believe he committed this act because i accussed him of being an inadequate coward – he was my GP – i called him so, as for past 14 years – am disabled – incompetence, neglect, and indured assault with another doctor whilst procedure of a colonoscopy..

Again it all connects..

Was informed yesterday police do not have evidence, they are unable to ‘find’ chaperone that was present during GP assault..she has moved..apparently..

The nurse at the surgery does not remember me telling her..

I feel, have felt for many years, that due to my past, being now 60yrs old a womanmetc.,
Discriminated against..
I have 3 full A4 ring binders full of written diagnosis, correspondence, initial complaints, proper procedure, even sending all this to No.10..Twice..

Stereotyping me in every respect.. Physically, Psychologically, Emotional, Mentally..
And visually..
Ive had Doctors/Consultants etc., laugh at me, attempts of intimidation many times, in many different hospitals, although one in particular its was every, bar one, from Doctor – Chief Medical Officer – CEO..
17 in all..

So yes sexism is still very rife..

Thank you for reading this..