Camille Frank

I was on the train from the middle of nowhere to Berlin yesterday with my husband and 2 year old twins. We were taking it in turns to run after them and as my husband was sitting and having a rest I wanted to look up the train schedule on my phone whilst looking after our children to know how much time we had to get them both into the prams without a huge rush. I was standing next to them with my phone in my hand and chastising them for banging on a compartment door when the female train manager said “you should put your phone away and look after your kids properly instead”. My husband was sitting very close to us and watching me struggle to comprehend what this total stranger had just said to me. He just rolled his eyes and ignored her. I was absolutely furious and just couldn’t find an appropriate response!
As we got off the train I started to cry. The unfairness of it. I look after my kids pretty well day in day out remembering everything they need and sometimes I have to look at my phone but it doesn’t mean I am not worrying about whether they might be doing something dangerous or that I want to miss something interesting or sweet that they have just said. I am a busy mother with about a million things going on in my head all at once, 75% of which revolves around my children.
Why not accuse my husband of just sitting around and not looking after his children?