Ariana E.

I was excited for my first day of middle school. I felt I was finally an adult. No childish games anymore. But I soon realised what being an “adult” really meant. Boys younger than twelve were making jokes about rape and sexual assault and I seemed to be the only one that cared. I knew I was going to have to deal with it. They weren’t going to change I unfortunately excepted that. Disrespect towards women was nothing new to me. At the age of ten I was asked to show my boobs online. At nine I was at the park and was hit on by a fifteen year old so I would give him the four dollars I was saving for the ice cream truck. It only became real when on the last day of school my friend Donna was slapped on the ass by a creep that sat next to me in science class. I begged her to tell the teacher, but she didn’t. She claimed it might have been an accident but I could tell she knew the truth. She was already relentlessly bullied by the other students this would hurt her even more. I decided I had enough of that school so I transferred. I transferred to a magnet school were I’d be surrounded by intellectuals. But it got worse from there. Our class President that promised equality makes rape jokes just to get a laugh out of his buddies. The most equality preaching student that I know still thinks this is just the norm. This is an epidemic. Parents at a young age teach what’s right and wrong so your child doesn’t end up like the kid in my history class that said ” its not rape if you like it”. My story is a common one. Please for my sake and for the sake of students just like me, make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else.