The fact that some people think it’s acceptable to make mean remarks about women’s looks & focus on that over everything else. I was disgusted to hear that Rebecca Adlington had had vile remarks made about her appearance- being likened to a dolphin & having it said that her face was like looking at the back of a spoon (or words to that effect) for starters. Never mind the fact that she’s a very talented sportswoman, who’s represented the UK in the Olympics, let’s all have a go at her about her looks instead! I gather that she’s not the only sportswoman to have suffered disgusting abuse like this (Beth Tweddle & Marion Bartoli being cases in point). I also had to sit & listen to someone making disparaging comments about how they thought that one of the Williams sisters was ugly- or words to that effect- as well. Depressingly, the commenter was female. Again, never mind that Venus/Serena is a very talented sportswoman who’s won a lot of international tennis tournaments, let’s comment on her looks instead! Unbelievable. I also had to sit & listen to a man talking about how he only used a certain female bookkeeper/accountant to do his books (he’s a self-employed tradesman) because she was good-looking, not because she was particularly good at her job, if you please. From other posts on here, I gather that this is not an isolated incident.