Sexism has always been a sensitive topic to me, I always feel offended when I hear comments such as, “Wheres a man when you need one?” (when trying to lift something such as a case of water), or “he’s a guy, he doesn’t want to go shopping!”. I strongly believe that there is nothing that a man can or should be obligated to do that women can’t, and there is nothing that women can or should be obligated to do that men can’t. Men CAN cook, clean, and take care of children just as much as women can. Women CAN work on cars, lift heavy objects, and fix things around the house. There are no such thing as “men’s jobs” or “women’s jobs”, there are only things that need done.
With that out of the way, I have tons of stories of sexism, both at work and otherwise. When truck day comes around, my manager schedules men to help unload. I have helped with truck once since I started (2 months ago, we get a truck weekly) and that was when there were no men there to help. Everyone (including customers) realize this but think nothing of it because as according to social norm, that’s just the way things are.
Sexism is everywhere, every day. If you pay attention, you’ll notice that women are treated different from men, and men are treated different from women. As far as I am concerned, sexism is racism and should be recognized as such. It is beyond time for things to change.