that woman

I have a cleaner who comes for 2 hours a week to hoover and dust the main part of the house, and clean the family bathroom. Seriously, that’s all she does – she hoovers and dusts the living room, dining room and 2 bedrooms, and cleans the main bathroom. What else could she reasonably be expected to do in 2 hours ffs??

People have such a strange attitude to it –
– they either think I’m made of money (she charges £12.50 an hour, I can afford it),
– or they think I’m lazy (the house has two other floors, which I ‘do’, I also do all the washing and ironing, all the cooking, and all the gardening, as well as running a successful business and doing some volunteering).

They don’t have the same attitude if they hear that I have a window cleaner, or take my car to the car wash, or even have my eyebrows waxed, but somehow I ‘should’ do the housework. Why? When did we decide a woman couldn’t get to heaven if she didn’t do the housework??

The funniest thing is that when she’s here, I make her a coffee and we chat – business woman to business woman. We are both running successful businesses, we talk about marketing strategies, how to manage clients’ expectations, the cost of vans.