I had a male friend in high school for whom I did not have romantic feelings. He started alternating between asking my best friend and me on dates and to dances, and began making awful sexist comments. He talked inappropriately my body and the bodies of other girls, and refused to stop when I told him how uncomfortable it made me. He also insisted that we would be in a future relationship no matter how many times I told him “no”. At one point he refused to delete an album full of pictures he had taken of me at school without my knowledge or permission. He said he they were for “personal use”. In one class, he sat next to me, and he kept reiterating that he wanted to have sex with me. This whole experience distracted me from my studies, as I was constantly worried about avoiding him. It’s frustrating that some people don’t understand what “no” means. I’m worried for the girls he is interacting with now.