I have financially supported our family for over 20 years, but when my husband and I go out for dinner and I pay the bill, he is handed the change or credit card!
When I return to work after holidays my colleagues refer to the holiday ‘he’ took me on!
When I originally went for a mortgage, despite having a substantial deposit, I was not considered for a mortgage until I had a male partner, despite him having no money, assets and a low paying job.
most of my friends were ambivalent to having children and succumbed to pressure from male partners on the promise they would be very pro active fathers, reality was the men left the women do all the caring – some to the point of abandonment- stating it was the mothers job.
When I remarked to one man that his daughter was exceptionally clever (compared to his sons) his response was ‘what good will it do her, she’ll just get married and have children’