As millions of other women around the world have experienced, it is not uncommon to hear comments or see gestures being made to you however for the first time in my life I was physically and verbally assaulted in the middle of a busy city centre TWICE in one night.

On the way out I was approached by two young males (15-17 years old) who found it hilarious to grab and smack my back side. Disgusted and angered I reported it and then attempted to not let this incident ruin my night. Low and behold later that night I was then called a “cow” having walked past another young man (25 years on age roughly) after having no eye contact nor conversation with this man prior. I stopped and asked him why he felt the need to talk to an absolute stranger this way to which he replied “well look at you, you are a right divvy cow”. How he has come to this assumption baffles me as I hadn’t spoken a word walking past him.

Since when has such behaviour become entertainment and acceptable for men to do towards women?! No matter how normalised this is becoming I am determined to encourage every woman to report every incident they may encounter. This is unacceptable.