Dr. Robinson

I just finished emailing this letter to Movie Star Planet (https://www.moviestarplanet.com/):

To whom it may concern,

I am extremely annoyed. My daughter just entered my bedroom, and informed me that you informed HER that she could not purchase boy clothes because she is a girl. If that isn’t the most sexist, asinine policy I have ever heard of! Who are you to tell anyone they she (he) cannot buy girl’s (boy’s) clothes because she (he) is a girl (boy)?!? What gives you the right to determine (a) what constitutes girl or boy clothing, and (b) who should be allowed to wear it?!? I have little patience for sexism, especially when it comes to my own daughters. As a female engineer in a male-dominated field, I have taken great care to dispel this type of chauvinism in my own career, as well as among the many young engineers I have inspired/taught; and I cannot believe that, in 2017, mindsets like yours exist at all. As a teen, I, myself, in REAL life, wore boy clothing to my own taste, and don’t at all mind wearing to this day. I would have been damned then, and I will be damned now, if I would have ever allowed anyone to tell me how to dress. I also cannot, for the life of me, imagine how you have become the deciding voice as to what belongs to which gender. I’m guessing you’d be appalled to have your sons play with dolls, or your daughters with tools; but mine do regularly.

I expect to see this policy reversed immediately. Otherwise, I will make a sure and public spectacle of myself on your behalf.

Feel free to contact me directly for further follow up. I absolutely would love to hear your take on this disconcerting topic.