I have an account on a certain social media app that allows you to keep your appearance and name etc. secret if you don’t want to share them. However, I’ve grown close to some of the people I’ve met over the years so they know my name (first name, nothing else) and my age, no personal info. Every so often, I’ll post a selfie. Bearing in mind, in these selfies, it’s almost always just my face, if it’s more, I’m always fully clothed and nothing is showing. Every single time I get crude comments calling me a “thot” and other rude things, either that or I’ll be asked for my snapchat or my kik, or asked to post a picture which features my tits, and when I say no, I’m then called a thot. I’m possibly the most innocent person alive and I have never posted or done anything to suggest I’m what these fuckwits would consider a “thot”. Saying no does not make me a slut.