1) since being 12 years old men have called out in the street, made inappropriate comments, told me and friends that they want to do sexual things to us etc….
2) at work as a young teacher being told to walk up and down a classroom so that the students could “admire me ” (by another teacher!)
3) with a long-term partner. I asked him to stop during sex because it had started to hurt. He carried on. This happened a number of times and even when I was crying and pushing him away he didn’t stop. When I was crying afterwards he would say that he didn’t realise. That I hadn’t been saying no loud enough. he didn’t believe he was doing something so wrong, and he will probably never understand the impact it had on me. However this doesn’t excuse his damaging, and violating actions. Angry with myself for letting it happen multiple times, and getting caught in an abusive situation but I understand (years later) that this is not my fault.

far too many friends and relatives have told me similar stories, and far too many men have not believed me.