I was in our local shop today, & I saw a wedding anniversary card with a picture on the front of a man & a woman doing the washing up- very sort of olde-worlde-type artwork- that said “on your anniversary, remember that the secret to a long & happy marriage is teamwork & compromise…”. What’s wrong with that, I hear you cry? When you open the card, it says something to the effect of “…and doing things her way!”. Yet another fail from the greetings card industry, & yet another tired ‘wife joke’. I’m fed up to the back teeth with those. Why the industry persists in producing either sexist cards like that, which make women & wives the butt of the joke, or else cards that are hugely gendered- footy (or other stereotypically ‘male’ activities like cars & drinking beer) cards for men & boys & pink, flowery cards for women & girls I really don’t know.