A professor who likes me often sits too close or singles me out and tries to get me alone, often he puts his hand on my shoulder or my leg. Anytime I tell any friends later that I felt uncomfortable by the situation, they say that he is old and means well and probably doesn’t realize he is being creepy because he is generally such a nice man. I don’t think that him being “nice” and old is a viable excuse. Just recently I tried to stop him from hugging me by shaking his hand in greeting and he used that to pull me in, hold me by the back of the head and whisper a compliment in my ear.
I don’t think this behavior should be tolerated, but I am afraid to report the incident. Everyone keeps telling me that it isn’t a big deal and I am overreacting. But why is it seen as me overreacting and not him acting inappropriately? I’m afraid of the backlash that might occur if I “stir up trouble” about the situation..