I live in Italy, which is sometimes better, sometimes awfully worse than the States (speaking about sexism I mean).
I study control engineering at university and, being in a strongly most-men context, I often have to deal with mansplaining, being catcalled in the hallway, people saying that I only succeed because I study a lot (and I assure you this ain’t true) and shit like that.
However, the most infuriating thing is that when I get a good grade on a hard exam people are always saying that’s because I sucked someone’s dick. Symmetrically, when I have difficulties passing an exam, they say “well you could just suck some dick, you girls are lucky having the opportunity to do that”.

This is infuriating and strongly disrespectful. I need no cocksucking to get my degree. I need no flirting to get what I want.
It is my brain and not my body that will bring me to where I want to be. Deal with it, uni professor who tried to touch my ass during an oral examination. Deal with it people who can only see my pretty face. Deal with it society, for I am no more willing to accept this. I only will to stand up against your bullshit.