In my work (library, meant to be an oasis of calm)
I work with a male colleague who is selfishness personified. While I’m busy shelving, registering customers, telling them about the events that are running, and keeping the place quiet in general, he sits there, doing the bare minimum of work and interfering with his phone. His reason? None. It’s pathetic, selfish and inconsiderate. He was also meant to help with the community litterpicking activity and did not show up for it. He doesn’t deserve to work here, he has mostly been selfish in the time I’ve been working here (3 years) and always seems to change the policies so that it puts him (working there for 8 years) at an advantage over me. It doesn’t help that one of the customers who comes (14 year old male), it’s as if this boy and him are “friends”. I don’t want the member of public to see me as a friend when I work here, I’m just here to do my job for you (the public) to the best of my ability. I’m also not in my job for you to ask stupid questions about my appearance (Yes, it’s an oreo necklace. Please get over it) or why I have the colour red in my hair (Because I think it looks nice)