My brother was on a football team and when I went to one of his football games one of them seemed to notice me. The guy was never in any of my classes. He then started finding me at my classes and taking my binder. Whenever I got mad it seemed to motivate him to continue on. If I did nothing he would keep doing it as well. Fast forward to the end of a school year he strategies to get me alone. He is 6ft6 and I am 5ft1. He waited while everyone was at an assembly and took me to a vacant area in the school. When I protested he said he would carry me. It ended with a physical altercation as he attacked me. He wouldn’t let me go and no matter how hard I tried to push him off he had a rock hard grasp on me. He was physically stronger than I was. He then said “You don’t like me , do you.” I then was relieved that he had understood his mistake. However, this soon became temporarily as he continued to grope and kiss me behind a vacant building. After I escaped to the bus stop. He texted me, “I always felt like you never liked me then why did you kiss me?” I changed my number after that. Three years later with a facebook confrontation he’s still convinced that I wanted and believes that I’m just sad he couldn’t do more. I wonder if he ever thinks of the hours of therapy I do to forget. Probably not. Furthermore, he blames me for my brother not talking to him anymore claiming that my brother was a good friend and blames me for the kids he forced on me , my brother and my brother not talking to him.He called me a crazy bitch. This behavior was only reinforced by school admin who could care less.