Many times in my life; when on holiday, from being literally leapt upon by a young man in Spain who jumped on my back to look down my top, I backed against a wall to try and bat him off, then streets ahead he was on a street corner waiting to intimidate me. And as a very young girl, to being pushed onto a beach by a spanish man and I had to walk away quickly, hoping it didnt go any further (hoping he wouldnt rape me). To Greece as a young girl, being cat called (you know when they are talking filth just in a different language) and you do not want it and want to be left alone! To my mums ex boyfriend, drunk as usual putting his tongue in my mouth (this while I was at secondary school). To male drivers deliberately shouting and gesticulating at me on the road (note: I am driving really well!) and I know its because Im a woman and they are trying to intimdate me with violent behaviour.
To being in a nightclub in Brighton and some man (in a group of men) putting their hand right around my privates, I turned to hit him but didnt know which one it was! They thought it was funny.
To on an aeroplane, when i was in my 20s and travelling to Australia on my own, where the man sitting next to me kept reaching in his pocket for something, ‘accidentally’ brushing my breast. At first thought it was coincidence and didnt want to accuse him, then realised it was on purpose so I told him not too and threatened to tell the stewardess, at which point he moved and there was a wet parch on his seat.
To being groped heavily by my sister in laws husband, again drunk, and everyone pretending it didnt exist; sadly even my husband never said aything despite a large amount of anger from me. He, my sister in laws husband always talked about his wife/my sister in a law in a sexually derogative way. To big breasted calendars around my next door neighbors house, for all to see, in front of his wife (is she not adequate?), in front of me, in front of his young female children.
To my husband right now who comments ‘Was it me?’ and ‘Have you done the invoices?’ Should we all be single woman?