At 15, I was left alone by a group of friends at night and I had to walk back to my hotel while on vacation. While walking back, I was stopped by an adult male probably in his 30s who insisted I’d go with him for a drink. No one was around and he grabbed my arm to force me to go with him. I was firm enough to say “NO”. I felt “lucky” nothing bad happened.

While still in high school, I had to take the train to go to school. One morning, the train car I was in was really crowded. Some creepy old man started a back and forth motion pressed onto my bottom, I turned my head to look at him with my worst glance of disapproval and said something like “Excuse me?”. He stopped immediately.

At 19, some male gang potentially in female trafficking tried to lure me to go with them. Luckily, I was in a public place with friends and they left. The incident though made me feel unsafe for some time, as I was scared they might follow me and wait for the right moment when I was alone to abduct me or something.

In my early 20s, after landing my first long-term job, I was literally chased around the office when left alone with an older colleague in his 40s. After that incident, I told my only other male colleague not to ever leave me alone with him anymore. I didn’t tell my bosses, because the guy had a family and didn’t feel like getting him fired after 20+ working for them. Also, I thought work would have been nasty afterwards, if I made it known and he was staying with the company. I didn’t tell my boyfriend, as I was scared he might turn violent to that guy.