I asked my landlord to fix the dripping bathtub. It was a weekend and I was lounging around in a house dress with my two young daughters and my husband was at work. I conversed with him like I would any other person. It felt like a very normal visit. He fixed it and then left. The next week I see him and he asks me if he can ask a question. He proceeds to say “Do you remember last week when you were wearing a provocative dress?” I didn’t know what to say so I nodded. And with a hopeful smile he coyly says “We’re you making a pass at me?”
Shocked I tell him “No” and he proceeds to apologize for making “things uncomfortable” and that he doesn’t “talk to coworkers or tenants that way”. I bid him adieu and felt sick. Now all of a sudden he is around a lot more on the property doing projects on maintenance or landscaping etc. obviously trying to assert some sort of presence. It’s so gross I hate him now. How dare he try to say that what I was wearing in anyway meant that I was trying to hit on him. That’s along the lines of saying women are “asking for it” because of what they are wearing in rape cases. What a sickening human being.