that woman

Travelling home from a good day at a conference in London. I’m not an expert in the field, but my ideas were listened to and discussed with me and at no point did my ‘being a woman’ feel like it was a problem.

On the train with my business partner (male), and sitting opposite two guys who had also been down to London on business. Four business people. One of the guys opposite had a problem with a sore ankle and couldn’t get comfortable. I was sympathetic, asked how he’d done it, generally behaved like a normal human being.

I mentioned that I’m having problems with my index finger on my right hand (it’s painful and swollen). Without a moment’s pause he asked if I’d trapped it in my purse. I laughed politely (why do we do that?), and said no, I was polyfilla’ing, and I must have overdone it. Again, without hesitation or deviation, he told me I should stick to normal make-up.

Thanks, man I don’t know.