when I was 13, I was sexually assaulted on 3 occasions by the same boy. he put his hands down my bra, tried to put his fingers inside of me (apologies for the graphicness), pinned me down and dry humped me, I couldn’t move, he continuously whacked my bum with a plastic baseball bat until it broke, tried to forced me to touch his penis, stuck his phone down his pants and ejaculated on my phone. one day I got angry and kicked him where it hurt, then him and his friend grabbed my fingers bent them back and dragged me, I tore all the ligaments in my two middle fingers, they were blue and purple and swollen. while all this happened on 3 separate occasions we were never alone, my friend was there on all occasions with his friend (they were dating) and another friend of mine was there on two occasions. they laughed at these actions, even when I asked for help as I was restricted to move while I was pinned on the floor being dry humped, it was just funny. After he ejaculated on my phone I left my friend come running after me laughing, I was upset, she was saying it was only a laugh. In school one of the girls found out what he did and slapped him, even though I didn’t ask her too, then my friends shouted me and stopped talking to me, telling me that he didn’t even do anything wrong, that he’d had enough. I still get flashbacks, sometimes if I get touched a certain way I want to cry, 5 years on, the experience still haunts me. Not just that but at the time I felt guilty and ashamed for feeling upset about it as my ‘friends’ basically bullied me because I found it upsetting. Its disgusting, the fact that my friends supported him was even worse.

Things like this happen all the time, and I feel ashamed to say that still, that it still happens all of the time.