A guy who has harassed me for over ten years think he is publicly a male feminist now by liking and sharing #metoo and saying he stands by those women who have written on that site. Loads of women thank him for being so caring. I hate it that men can’t see they can so easily become harassers, if a woman doesn’t do as they want them to and they are not sensitive enough to see pestering a woman for over ten years is wrong.
Then the people tell me oh, he may not understand his own behaviour, it could disturb the working environment. Why are people always siding with a guy and believing him? And that includes a lot of women. He knew what he was doing; he knew his attention was unwanted, he knew shouting “Oi, wake up and say hello!” to me on the street is sexist, but he didn’t stop until I told his employees I didn’t want him near me again. I still did it nicely; I still made it clear that I didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable in his working environment, I just wanted him to stop. Why did I do that? And now he’s a supporter of #metoo and it infuriated me to see how fake he is and he gets away with it. His employee cringed when I said what others said what he is, but he is an old-fashion pervert.