I hate being asked if I’m a lesbian. I hate being shamed for never having a boyfriend. I hate having two dudes breathing down my neck asking if my tits could be any flatter. Well, excuse me for not having a boyfriend, while I’m asexual and never learned how to love someone as a boyfriend.

Sorry for not having one while I’m struggling with identity, feeling rejected by a God who is supposed to love and accept me, being folded and crushed by overwhelming demands from school and life, fighting the fact that my childhood was and is still being wasted and that I’m born to squeeze out money for the government and then die…

I’m fighting myself and more, and you dare to shame me for not having someone who I’ll have to give attention and love to, while I barely love myself?

I didn’t mean to rant about my problems, but life needs to fuck off for a minute. Phew.