I’ve had a lifetime of harassment. Babysitters, family friends, co-workers, total strangers. I was sent this site today after I revealed a string of incidents in the past few weeks.

Two weeks ago, I was groped on public transport. It was such a blink and you’ll miss it moment. But I was on a crowded streetcar, and was standing close to the middle doors. A man behind me, wrapped his arm around my stomach from behind, had a firm feel and then got off the car. It took me a second to even realise what happened, and by the time I did, he was gone.

A few days after that, I was on my way to the same location. It was 1am and I was a little drunk. I got out of an uber and turned as I reached the steps of the house. There was a man across the road who turned and locked eyes with me. He immediately started walking towards me and followed me up the stairs of the house and to the front door. Luckily my friend came down to let me in at just the right moment and scared him off.

A few nights ago, I was with a bunch of friends having a few drinks. A friend and I were having a totally normal conversation, and out of nowhere he cups one of my breasts. I asked wtf was that, and he laughed and said “you know exactly what that was”.

And last night. During my very first shift working behind a bar by myself, I had to deal with a drunken man talking about my breasts and crotch and laughing, while his friend kept looking at me and mouthing the word ” sorry “.

When are men (and women!), going to learn that this is not okay! This all happened in a matter of weeks. I could write an essay about all the experiences I’ve had throughout my life. And I’m only 27. I’m mentally exhausted already and something needs to be done about it.