When I was a little girl, I don’t even remember what was my age, I used to play around with my uncle, wich was just a few years older than me. We used ride bikes, climb trees, build treehauses, and to go everywhere around. One day, he was playing with his friends, and I went to the toillet. Since I was really little, sometimes he used to help me to clean up. But that day, he carried me out of the toilet, with my pants down, and put me at the lap of a boy with his pants down as well, and they all laughed. Then I ran away, embarassed of what had just happened, without even knowing exactly what was it. I remember hating that boy ever since, even today I can’t even look at him. I remember I havn’t had a clue of what that could mean, but being sure that it wasn’t good. I remember having nightmares about that episode, and now, I’m stll surprised with the amout of details I remember. That is only one episode, that is only one day of my life. I had so many other episodes of fear, shame, rage and many other feelings I can’t even explain. I want this to change so much that I share this private little story, of so much time ago.

Sexism is a culture that leaves dead bodies and scars everywhere