Lack of respect

As rightly descried in the EveningStandard.

Andrew Corish, 60, used the phone to peer between children’s legs while an assistant headteacher at Coloma Convent Girls’ School in Croydon.
He also stored the images and admitted doing so for sexual gratification.
Corish was never convicted in court for his behaviour because it does not constitute a criminal offence. However, he faces a possible teaching ban after admitting the allegations to a professional misconduct panel on Monday.

Now what I know:
Many of the girls over the years complained, but nobody took them serious, also teachers, woman teachers for that matter, who didn’t care and even laughed at the girls and played it down are still employed and did never even apologies for their behaviour.
If that isn’t bad enough,as the article rightly points out HE ADMITTED DOING HE ALL THIS NASTY THINGS AND DIDN’T GET CONVICTED and faces a POSSIBLE teaching ban. How is it only a possible teaching ban? How is this not a given? How can anyone even consider letting a paedophile work with children?
I am confused how can it be that it is legal to take pictures up young girls skirts and not been convicted. What kind of message is this to our children and to other paedophiles in what kind of country am I living and where are the human rights???
Yes it is mainly the man that exercise sexism but is up to us women to stand against it, is for us to educate our sons as well our daughters in how to respect each other. Boys who grow up in a environment that respects women, will take it as a given to respect woman.
Like in this case I don’t know why the school doesn’t demand that the teachers who let the girls down to apologies to them and show them the respect they deserve. If I would be the headteacher at that school or any school for that matter, I would teach the children self respect. I believe that all of this is a problem that starts from small on, children here in the UK aren’t respected by the teachers and sadly enough also often not by their own parents, the amount of times I have seen a teacher shout at them or even call them names is uncountable, and the parents are just taking it like it’s ok or even worst say that their child is used to be shout at because themselves shout at them too. How do we then expect them to respect each other if they are not shown respect in the first place.
In other words they just copy what they learn/see from us.