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Arm wrestling in the office – Team Leader goes to the strongest looking men (but arguably all the men) and lets them know an arm wrestling competition is happening. I feel like I need to prove something because I was ignored. But a part of me is embarrassed about the possibility of standing out (which mini me would be horrified about), about the obvious doubts that will flower in people’s minds. By challenging this, I would be changing people’s views, even if I lost. My point is, I’ve been brainwashed to feel like I can’t take part in something that I want to & that I need to prove myself far more than any man. I’ve been trained to fear the doubts that others will have instead of challenging them. When did I become like this?


Just remembered. Last year, me and a boy did arm wrestling. Everyone was totally expecting the boy to win, because, well, boys are usually stronger than girls (apparently). They were really surprised when I won, and the boy’s face was very red. I believe it serves him right. I earned respect from there on.